Saturday, March 4, 2017

Is it Our Mutations...

"The last woolly mammoths to walk the Earth were so wracked with genetic disease that they lost their sense of smell, shunned company, and had a strange shiny coat"

As I read the article , questions swirl in my ancient brain-- Are we going the way of the woolly mammoth, but in an altogether novel path to self extinction. Can we just blame our genes for all our follies, and selective destructive tendencies.(just like many  a criminal in collusion with their lawyer or any one who shirks their responsibilities selectively - 'my genes made me do it , or made me  avoid it'

Well it appears that the genes are self selectively expressing a moral code of conduct of  'lying, conning, destruction and cruel unempathetic self aggrandisation ' as a measure for success.
Hence it is no surprise then to wait for the destruction of the environment , gradual or quicker genetic miscodes , and then humans' own  decline and extinction.

    All around are emerging short sighted  planning and divisive constructs ...these along with a war mongering mentality , and creation of a cruelty de-sensitised  future generations , I believe has struck the gong of our decline and that final phase . This can be reversed only if we are to take a resource saving, compassionate ,sharing  attitude, ie. sharing with all our fellow humans, with a far sighted solutions to protect and care for that which surround us and with those whom we share  our space with (all beings and objects, including our fellow humans ). The question remains always the same... do we have the capacity to forgo an urge for short term gains , or the wisdom for caring...hope the genetic miscodes have not taken hold in the majority of humans, so that the wise counsel prevails.

If not.....adieu homo sapiens.... and before that ,adieu earth's fauna and flora...

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