Monday, December 11, 2017

reflect I on (a poem by pc3)

I want to take this space to reflect, as the future  and past draws to a close..lost to a present, almost like the inconsequential feeling to life when hurtled through the skies to the dark force,
not the force of balance but of insatiety... for lives, for all that render meaning to life...!!. .

First things first ...I say again , with more conviction now ...

I am  still afraid to reflect,
For fear if my thoughts spill out here, then can I walk with nary a care?
Or should I at every step feel smaller and weaker, in a new year...
But again, that's not in my nature,so-
I sigh with relief, for some oceans ,and many such cares
Have saved hope of being  that, oceans ...
Thank you ,president Obama, for caring, for being,
Beyond gains of now,for trying ,on the many ways...
For keeping values, reflected , and reflectives,
For thoughts, in a land that shun thoughtfulness,
Where loud matter,to keep right action,beyond all clamour...
An office, a title, not squandered,but honor kept,
For the few amongst many,valued thoughts ,
So a kindred in spirit, for our own thoughts ,values reflected here and there...

as we hurtle to the land of dark forces and lost sights,
we have to try not to be swallowed by the dark,
yet land with our antennae, in our new world order,
our antenae - evolutions' gift , just sprouting

(poem -by PC3-01/21/2017)-- but very much relevant now -dec 2017 or may be more relevant today 

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