Monday, November 30, 2015

Nature- lost( help to prevent earth's demise)

This seems  more relevant today than a while back , when it was written, after a walk. The coral reefs are dying at a higher rate, and the death of nature continues. The most destructive species-humans. Being the greatest pest of the present, are we gearing for our wipe-out as a species. very likely...or is it.. definitely- very likely..........
Even as the drips of rain splatter,
Taking me yet again to a land,lost and gone,
Alive in my mind, ever so briefly,
Drops splatter there on fallen leaves,
   Coconut trees sway, shower the ground,
   As the wind spy on another humid morning,
   Drops fall and clink on a stained jack-fruit leaf,
   I lie there,watch the jack fruits, marvel and dream...
   Open doors, open air and quiet days,
   A childhood stored in memories...
Yet it comes un-announced,
Sweetness of  water on a hot , dusty day,
Mangoes falling with the rain storm,
Dropped in their juicy ripeness,
Sweetness on my tongue, the pureness of joy,
Un-hurried life, now gone, never to return,
   Thus I pray, nature take over please...
   Even at a morn's walk, scrape the rubber soles,
   Forgotten , the milky sap and all before,
   All felled trees , dead to grow soured sap,
   Axed to all future diverse flora's hope,
Even as I sip my share of BPA, exhale to exhaust,
Harried run to a volume practice, hurried minds forget,
Of all unhurried days stored away,
Of nature lost , forgotten long, all losses
Endangered lists,dismissed,discussed into oblivion
Yet I still pray, nature , take over please...
For my efforts are borne to the wind,
I wearily pray, lost, hopeless,in dismay;'Nature take over please'...
(looks like nature is trying a little, may be nature is doing its work naturally)