Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour

Earth Hour
 There is the urge to do something, more accurately an innate need to act. Out of this it seems we have decided to memorialise Earth for an hour;some how to allay all or any guilt for some.For yet others it seems to be the need to be part of the current trend, despite the force of habits that come up before and after that hour to compensate for that lost hour of power use.I am not discrediting the impact, just thinking how little it really is. It is almost like how things lean as you course down on an incline,unsure of your footing you try to  grasp at any shoot or branch as you go downhill.
This seems to be where our inner distress drives us. That inner distress massed up seem to have drawn up in various patterns, as seen by behaviors of groups all over the globe in various forms recently. Still the need to make  any real change in a set of  behaviors ,ie concious and aware changes, are not present. So then what do we have...repetitions , be it in food habits, consumptions or interactions . We just repeat a few set of combinations,create new rituals ,some times hail them for a while even as we rail at other's rituals. Each time we hope to come up with a new set of results. How is it possible if no sustained change is made, that we can have a new and wonderful result set.
Earth hour is past. Now we can hail our virtual succeses, while some of us go on, hoping, one item more recycled, or a random turned off light would  make some difference...hoping again in the face of many realities, that yet another may become aware beyond self.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

War ,by any other name

War ,by any other name
The ugly head of war has started its rythmic moves.Here is a reason- 'The public is getting restless, lets get some games going in the we can forget about things that bother in our daily lives'. How can we forget the entertainment value, something that the kingdoms of the past used with much pomp and fanfare. Some  places still do , after proper blessings and prayers and what not.. many regions in the world could use it, esp. to avoid thought. Think of the Roman empire.Thought can be dangerous especially , the kind that looks back, sometimes delve deep--all uncomfortable at any  which way you slice. So now we have elaborate names, catchy phrases, all for the war theater.
Collateral damage, hey its just them...those others...them lowly humans, over there.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Help those who suffer---click on the link to choose how to do so...peacewinds
I fear my old dreams, as they turn to premonitions,
Of events, that I could never think,
As events come ,aware I become,yet far...
I fear to sleep, lest I dream again.
Still fear is just a phase,
A haunt of pasts, futures all fused to my present,
Monsoon clouds or shamaals that bite,
May be uncertain of days ...
I gather up my soul and slumber
Perchance just to forget,
All from lives past or yet to be
I feel part of Japan ,never knowing why.
In my soul that knowledge hides
Only to flit in my subconcious
Or to stay as a deep ache...

Monday, March 14, 2011

SPRKS IN CSF: Japan on my mind

SPRKS IN CSF: Japan on my mind: "I cannot bring myself to watch the devastation. I turn away from the news ,all networks , Turn inwards...into the depths of my mind; I ..."

Saturday, March 12, 2011


SPRKS IN CSF: ABQAIQ in a dream: "I watch the news, more to comfort, that the events are far. Despite that my sleep is restless. I canot forget an old nightmare, from 16 yrs ..."