Wednesday, January 17, 2018

the letter to my children( in the chaos due to a Kaos win)

What was written below was more than one year old
Things do look similar and may be this letter remains ever more relevant today than when i wrote it for my children .
Kaos did win and the chaos continues
Hence i shall re-post it /  blog it again
(peace crane 3 - 01/16/18 )

 I look at my initial thoughts, and I am not so sure any more. But one still has to act.In the shifting sands of time , all become irrelevant, even the revered spots have a way of being erased of its values. As  some in the world  take a moment to look into history , and memorialize a horrid past point, we stare aghast at a future of horrors. I for one feel the whole world should act , in quest of freedoms, beyond the pinking of last week and may be this time cover our heads in a scarf in remembering all old traditions that started with a scarf , now as a symbol for resistance to persecutions .

Lost freedoms have a snow ball effect, hence it is essential to stop it before it gathers momentum.

Let freedom win, and hope that  ACLU  and similar right thoughts go with the right actions

Lets remember and act on the holocaust memorial day and beyond...

I had prepared rather reluctantly(almost ill-prepared) -ie. for an eventuality of a KAOS win.... an attempt despite agent 99' efforts for world order..and  a KAOS running about trumping about loud" take over the world"
Oh.... Maxwell smart,and 99- all efforts to nigh
so here is what I was  writing to that blighted future....( excerpt from my dairy, 10/29/16)

'My dear children,
I have to advice you all not to loose heart, despite the much feared event-a K presidency.
You are all blessed with wisdom that life gives..the values of moderation.
You have gone past the rigors of an education system that advises you to think , while abhorring your questioning and thinking minds...
You have managed to get into the adult world, where nothing is fair, yet with your determined souls you have made each of your environments a little bit more fairer for all.
You have witnessed the closet racism, the bigotry, and even the master mentality of someone  on re-callable  a few occasions and have risen above it all.So with these experiences have come wisdom.It may seem like desperate times, but now is not the time to despair.This is the time for thought and there is much work to do.
THINK , because thought is not controlled by any, besides it allows you to bounce various ideas, stretch and contract things in your mind without any restraint.Out of thought is born actions, and clarity.
You may be quiet, which is alien to the majority in this nation, especially because the process of contemplation and thought are somewhat alien here as well.
Hence we have this  new president((not surprising ..)
You have experienced many a conflict...conflicts of identity,ideals and the external conflicts of power that is inherant in every community, including its smallest unit- the family and the individual...
It gives me great hope for the future as you all manage your lives,I am sure you will negotiate change, including your efforts to change policy, even beyond your areas of expertise into the outer world far beyond your comfortable niches.
You will also learn much about adaptability and creating change without loosing your inner selves, as I did over time.
So my advice to you all- make the change, just as the gentle waves do,but assured that your efforts will produce change. The tsunamis may have usurped the beaches, but the gentle waves persist and round out the jagged edges,where they break...
So go forth with clarity and the efforts that persist , joining forces with the many moderates out there just like you, ones with clarity and goodness in their souls, who strive for change,in the midst of a mindless robotic prattling lot...
Do not despair, loud bangs do not carry the weight of clear thoughts, it's just noise and remains brief...'

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