Saturday, January 26, 2013

scarlet letter on Manti teo

The news and the off-shoots reverberates round and round, and I had to write. Once long ago I had learned that the pen can wield some might, may be... The last straw came with some fool again pontificating about how another angle had to be had on the Manti Teo 's actions or inactions, and this person  could have been old enough to be Manti T's grandfather. ....
Bullying in the media cannot be equated to news worthy-ness. I imagine the sun stretching dawn over the golden dome as the morning news again has quips with another angle. Where guns are for protection, especially when important issues as gun control are to be drowned out, it seem righteous for some to pick on a young adult probably about the age of their own children. As if one at that age  is not burdened enough  with their own regrets and shame, it seems culturally necessary to assign the scarlet letter, even as the same news segment talks about cyber bulliying through their partially pursed lips . Well if for a brief moment one could give privacy it's due and learn the art of compassion....May be, then we all could rise to be better people, or at least learn to feel  compassion. Then again, that may never be so, because that calls for much more than feeling great just at being bullies. It also calls for tolerance, understanding, and all kinds of value systems that we are yet to learn.
Once bullying has been elevated to the art form it is , I guess there can be only one direction....assign a scarlet letter and never let up, because bullying the art form is superior to all else....especially if it directs attention away -away from other important issues at hand....especially with a large scarlet eye-catching letter,

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  1. Much to be said about compassion, peace crane... I agree.