Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Randomness--some random thoughts.(an old post, but sem more relevant today)

"People say, `Stalin's daughter, Stalin's daughter,' meaning I'm supposed to walk around with a rifle and shoot the Americans. Or they say, `No, she came here. She is an American citizen.' That means I'm with a bomb against the others. No, I'm neither one. I'm somewhere in between. That `somewhere in between' they can't understand."

Peters' defection came at a high personal cost. She left two children behind in Russia – Josef and Yekaterina – from previous marriages. Both were upset by her departure, and she was never close to either again...(about Lana peters' passing)

As I read this, I wondered about human nature, some so extreme,that we tend to measure the progeny  colored by their parents. What really make each of us who , nay how we are?What in our enviornment  decide how we weave our lives?

I read this and wondered some , about the randomness of events that really shape further events that in the end is summed up as life... about the children lost into the system, children that do without parents, due to no fault of theirs, of the children that labor away in different parts of the globe,to support things they never chose. Yeah all kinds of thoughts and images crowd into my nestle's cocoa bean collecting children,garment factory children, and children who wait for their farm worker parents ,awaiting earnings stained by peppers and cucumbers...
We go about  from one day to another with hardly a sidelong glance ,yet when we look to the side, life seem not so simple, but rather very complex.
The intricate patterns that become us, the interwoven events that foreshadow our future, and then some things which we can never control-  as to how or where we are born...yet in any given moment we think and imagine all sorts of controls.
In the imagined free land of America, all these freedoms come with tassels, bells and weights.We supposedly are non-polar, yet are secretly extremely polarised. We are supposedly close to equal, but may be 'denying all inequality equally' is all that we share.There is an obesity epidemic, but we blindly pander by never mentioning the O word, so as to not offend any. Forget that, even the medical profession side step the issue and never give direct nutritional or activity advise. Our drug culture is superior, and in our effort to fix all,  we continue to cushion the issues by giving them new packages...including reasons for their dependant behaviors, "oh you are self medicating your depression', or 'you are drinking because of your anxiety"...Of course even if it is vodka you are drowning in, you are bound to feel a twinge of anxiety, I am sure.
   We forget the in-between people, those who came from another land, who really do their share in holding up the economy from both ends, ignore their in-between feelings, just because it is convenient.
Besides, cultural integration is supposed to happen , say within three weeks to two month time right...just like grieving. All clear by the assigned time...or else...
The less exact nature of things that appear random are lost , may be, and with that may be a little bit of humanness  too.
Hope not , for hope then would foreshadow chaos, an in-human non-compassionate world of entitled, self absorbed chaos.
( as evident now)