Sunday, February 13, 2011

Markings of change

Tahrir square cairo:
As the day melded  in with past-emotion suppressed days, folding  into connectedness of minds the world watched change happen. I could not seperate those whom I knew  from the milling crowds that I saw on my TV screens if they were there. Only their passionate attachments and views came alive once more, the earnestness of the few I had come across in my past.
It struck me that  mostly we really never care to know anyone else , here in the west, but just put out a format , catogorize all to fit that format as we run through life . Hence we are disadvantaged, and fail to notice that communities have roots that intertwine and  run deep. The emotional connections that stabilise lives to spark change come as a surprise to most people here. We continue to hold out our cue cards as if  different parts of  the globe, nay universe should function on these cues.
Then we shake our head to allay the discomfort of limited awareness and move to the next inane thing that catches our attention.
However if only we could care enough to look deeper , then may be we can create some positive change that come with  mutual respect--yes change stemming from mutual respect that start in our families and spread farther  and farther each day. For that we have to accept the "other"I guess.